Aleksandra Popovska



portret_Aleksandra PopovskaAleksandra Popovska is a Den Haag based vocalist, composer/improviser, multimedia artist, educator. She studied in Macedonia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom, various music subjects ( vocal performance, composition in context, music production & sound design, music theory & pedagogy ). Her interests in music are various , from traditional and contemporary to jazz and experimental live electronics. Vocal soundscapes, multimedia works, sound installations, paintings, photography, are part of her tools for expression.
Her international career began since 2000, as vocalist & keyboard player in the Dragan Dautovski Quartet, performing in over fifteen countries in the world. She participated in recordings of over twenty Cds in different music genres and appears on many music festivals with several groups. She participated in soundtracks for films, dance and theatre, installations and numerous other projects. Cooperates with both, independent artist as well as with established.
The focus of her most recent work is on new vocal performance, creation of audio-visual works for children.
Last three years she is living a “knowmadic” life between two countries: Macedonia (where she teaches voice at the Popular Music Bachelor Program) and The Netherlands, taking advantage of her special position, being between Western and Balkan cultures.


Aleksandra_project photo.jpgAleksandra and her painting