André Douw

0178Throughout the seventies I studied composition, piano and music theory at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague with Louis Andriessen as the main composition teacher there. In 1979/80 I spent a year in Tokyo to study with Toru Takemitsu. After returning to Amsterdam I managed to survive on teaching and composing. I recieved commisions for many years and had quite a few performances of my work. Throughout the eighties and early nineties I had a job teaching music theory at a music academy in Hilversum not far from Amsterdam. I never participated in competitions, nor did I ever recieve prizes or rewards because I did, and still do not consider them worth the trouble. I did not go to festivals or to New Music Summer Courses for the same reason.

In 1995 I finished a doctoral thesis on the late work of Igor Stravinsky. Around the same time I started teaching analysis of new music at the Amsterdam Conservatory. The job included less and less theory and ever more analysis and composition. For quite a few years I was coordinator of the composition department as well as, president of the Dutch composers association (GeNeCo). Around 2005 I abandoned these public functions to devote my time to the development of a new approach to the analysis of 20th century music and to co-composing with former students. I still compose alone but the co-composing has become an essential aspect of my practice as a musician, resulting in a substantial series of new compositions.