Andrea Voets

0a917f_126ed84a68bc70bd19e6e13be2fab3ac.jpg_512Andrea Voets (16th of October 1989) fell in love with the harp at the age of five,during a stay on a barn in Wales. In January 2012 she finished her Bachelor study with Erika Waardenburg at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Since September 2008, Andrea leads the harp classes at the ‘Leerorkest’ and in June 2012 she finished her philosophy studie at the University of Amsterdam, which she followed to develop a wide horizon and cultivate an open mind which, according to her, i s crucial for any artist. She won various first prizes at competitions in Belgium and Holland, eg. at the ‘Dexia Classics’, ‘Christina concours’ and ‘SJMN concours’.She got selected to play at the World Harp Congress in 2008. Since 2009, Andrea forms a duo with organist Ignace Michiels and in April 2010, together with co-students, she founded the artists collective ‘Wild Blossom’. Since 2011 Andrea collaborates with the Flemish calligrapher Yves Leterme, creating performances that mingle word, image and sound. Their first show ‘Latin Lovers’ was funded by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.
Andrea played the solo harp concertos of Saint-Saens, Boïeldieu and Debussy and gave concerts in the Benelux, France, Spain and South-Korea. Andrea performed at all major Dutch classical music festivals. In June 2012 Andrea received a scholarship of the Prins Bernhard Fund for Culture, which enables her to continue her master study harp with Maria Graf at the ‘Hochschule fur Musik Hanns Eisler’ in Berlin. In 2013, Andrea became a laureate of the Belgian SmartBE foundation and in ’14-’15, she will be featured in the young talent series ‘SCOOP” of the Concertgebouw in Bruges.