Andys Skordis

_MG_0639-Edit-EditAndys Skordis was born in Lefkosia, Cyprus in 1983. He has been dealing with music from a young age by playing electric guitar and writing songs for his bands, playing euphonium at the military band of Cyprus, playing percussion in traditional ensembles, experimenting with free improvisation and noise, and composing acoustical music for concerts and short films. Andys graduated from Berklee College of Music in Composition and in Film Scoring in 2007 and gained his Master’s degree in Composition in 2011 from the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. In the meantime he studied Karnatic music for 5 years with Rafael Reina, Javanese Gamelan with Elsje Plantema and Balinese Gamelan at ISI Denpasar.
Andys music has been performed in Europe, America and Asia and has been awarded with various prizes including the BUMA Toonzetters prize in 2012 (one of the highest composition prizes in The Netherlands), the 1st and 2nd prizes from Cyprus Symphony Orchestra in 2012 and 2011 and many more. Andys has also been the recipient of scholarships and artistic subsidies from Cyprus, The Netherlands and Indonesia. Besides composing he is the founder of the free improvisation collective “The Brain Masturbation”. At the moment he lives in The Netherlands where he spends his time composing.