Co-Composers Amsterdam or CoCoA is a collective of composers exploring new paths in compositional practice; unconventionally writing pieces together.

The practice of the collective is to initiate, compose, organize and participate in projects in which their co-compositions will be performed. These projects may be concerts, recordings, performances, films and documentaries.

Besides composers the group is enhanced by professionals in the field of production, finance, publicity and marketing.

The group strives to enter into interdisciplinary collaborations for example in the field of theatre, film, lighting, audio and dance.

The CoCoA ambition is to generate ideas and events that will innovate the music scene and they hope to be that in continuous dialogue with players and listeners.

Essential element of the compositional process in every project will be a solid teamwork with the performers seeking a profound appreciation of the audience.

Way of working
Projects in which issues of style and technique are worked out, will be developed next to projects with the purpose of reaching –financially- a wider audience.
In every project, a different composer will be the project leader who will coordinate the necessary activities for the project’s successful completion.
Depending on the character of every project CoCoA will self-support or will seek finances and subsidies in collaboration with ensembles and institutes.

However, the first and foremost aim of CoCoA is to create music.