Kaveh Vares

Kaveh VaresKaveh Vares (1982) is a Persian composer born in Tehran (Iran). After receiving a bachelor in physics in 2006 he decided to travel to study classical music composition under the guidance of Artur Avanesov in Yerevan State Conservatory of Armenia.

In search for a new and open minded artistic environment he traveled to Netherlands in 2008. He studied classical music composition in the conservatorium van Amsterdam under the guidance of magnificent teachers like Willem Jeths, Richard Ayres and Wim Henderickx.
After finishing his bachelor and master degrees in classical music composition, in 2014 he decided to start a second master degree in film music composition under the guidance of Jurre Haanstra.
The combination of his studies in classical music composition and film music composition helped him to open his horizon to the multidisciplinary art form of music video. He uses mathematics as a source of inspiration for his artistic approach. He is interested in the subject of manipulation of mind through art and the search for the limits and borders of perception.

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